Privacy Policy

Welcome to our gambling hub! We intend to provide everything our customers need to make them feel completely safe. We are always happy to help you understand all aspects of our site, including inquiries about our privacy policy. In that section of our website, you can find out what specific information we need to collect from you and how we store it. Here you will also find out how we process your personal information that has a connection with your experience with products and services. Here our customers can find items such as:

  • Information Collection and Use;
  • Information Sharing and Disclosure;
  • Ability to Edit the Account Information and Preferences;
  • Confidentiality and Security;
  • Changes to this Privacy Policy.

We ask you to read that information carefully to know what happens with your data. That will help you learn more about what procedures your data goes through and what we can offer you to protect you.

Information Collection and Use

Our casino collects information about you when you visit our pages, our partners' pages, or when the customer participates in promotions or sweepstakes. The site also collects information about you when you register on our site and create an account. We combine information about you that our partners and we receive. That helps us to build a complete picture of you as a person by analyzing whether that client is a danger to other players along the way. After your registration on our site, we have access to the following data about you:

  • Name;
  • Gender;
  • Birthdate;
  • Email address;
  • ZIP code;
  • Occupation;
  • Industry;
  • Personal interests.

To activate some financial services, we may request additional information about our client regarding address, social security number, and asset information. That is not mandatory if the client does not need certain financial products or services for which it is necessary.

We should also warn you that our customers will no longer be anonymous to us after completing the registration on our website. The casino automatically receives and records information such as your IP address, information about cookies, and information from your computer and Internet browser. We notify our customers about that in advance so that it will not cause a surprise in the future.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Our gambling house does not have the right to distribute your information to individuals or companies. That is only possible if you permit us to do so to gain access to certain products or services that we offer. We guarantee our customers that your data will not go beyond the limits of our site under any other circumstances, even more so without your knowledge or permission.

Our partners who work on behalf of our casino and whom we trust may have access to your data. In that case, we can certify that we provide the access solely to benefit your safety. Our partners may use your information to help us alert you about offers at Europa Casino. We also have the right to share our customers' data to prevent illegal activities that could pose a potential danger to the physical safety of any person. Thus, we have the opportunity to protect our clients from the activities of illegal individuals.

Ability to Edit the Account Information and Preferences

Our site reserves the right to send our customers notifications about casino services, such as administrative messages and service announcements. That allows us to keep our customers up to date with the latest events and updates on the site. There is also a newsletter in our gambling hub that is part of your account on our website. It will help you not miss our casino's latest news, events, and offers.

If you wish to terminate your connection with our casino and delete your account from our website, you will have to contact our support team to help you carry out that operation.

Confidentiality and Security

Our gambling house restricts access to player data to employees who, in our opinion, need to contact your information to offer you products and services or to carry out their work.

We have electronic, procedural, and physical means to ensure the security of our customers' data. Only those who protect the data have access to it. If we notice suspicious activity or an attempt by individuals who act against the law to access your data, we will immediately action. We warrant that your data is in safe hands and completely secure.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The casino reserves the right to update our privacy policy. The current privacy policy is the one you can see on our website and which you can read in that section. However, our customers may not worry about missing an update, change, or addition to our policy. If we infer that we need to make changes to this section, the site will notify our players. We will notify your primary email address that you provide in your account at our casino. If you receive such a notice, we ask you to go to the privacy policy section of our site and read the new information.