Terms of Use

Welcome to our island of gambling pleasure! Our casino does everything necessary to please its customers and always works to create the best conditions. Our rules are not a complication in clients' game, but rather to make their stay in our casino as comfortable as possible. They demonstrate the integrity of our casino to its customers. You can find all the conditions we offer below and know our rules better. We provide you with the opportunity to familiarize yourself with such clauses of our terms of use:

  • Legal Requirements;
  • Security;
  • Your Responsibilities;
  • Your Warranties and Representations;
  • Changes to Agreement;
  • Notices.

We ask you to read our rules carefully so that you are aware of your capabilities and what we can offer you. That will help you better navigate our website and, most importantly, know your rights and responsibilities.

Legal Requirements

We need to note that only adults have the full right to use our site. That rule applies to most casinos that respect the law, and ours is no exception. If you have not yet the age of majority, unfortunately, we have to ask you to leave our site.

Also, not all legal jurisdictions accept gambling as a legal pastime. Some are still considering the legality of gambling, and some already recognize it as illegal. We are categorically against the use of our site in those countries whose laws it is a violation. If our casino site works properly in your country despite the ban, that is not a call to use it. To not violate the laws of the country in which you live, we ask you to study the laws and regulations of that country carefully. That will help you avoid undesirable difficulties and remain a law-abiding citizen.


We respect the aspiration of our customers to stay safe, and therefore we do everything necessary to prevent unwanted complications. You can only play through secure networks that use usernames and passwords with encryption on our site. For your good, we do not allow you to play without first logging into the customer's security system.

Our casino perfectly protects your data. We use the best practices to encrypt usernames and their passwords to do that. It helps us protect ourselves from interference by third parties reliably and saves you from manipulation attempts. Our site's visitors and customers have no right to bypass our security system. If we discover suspicious activity from your account that could harm our security system and other players, we will take appropriate measures. We will block your access to the online casino and reserve the right to report that to the relevant authorities.

Your Responsibilities

It is your first responsibility to make sure that the use of our online casino is legal and does not violate any rules. Our casino does not encourage you to break the laws. However, you need to make sure that you comply with the law of your country. We ask you to pay attention to your responsibilities because only you can help us keep you safe. We also ask you not to reveal your rights under that agreement without our written consent, which may lead to trouble.

We ask you to respect the decency regulations and not take action that could harm our reputation or software provider. You also agree not to violate etiquette, not to insult, humiliate or threaten anyone in our casino after registering on the website.

Your Warranties and Representations

By staying on our website, you guarantee that you have no links with criminal activity. You warrant that you will not use our casino and player account for any illegal activity. You will also prevent other individuals from breaking the law on our site. You must comply with the general law against fraud, money laundering, etc. Our players undertake not to conspire in any particular scheme to turn the result of that game in their favor. In case of violation of these obligations, you will not be able to count on any of your winnings.

After creating an account on the website, our customers agree to provide accurate information about themselves. That will help us identify your identity and help you avoid possible hacks by violators.

Changes to Agreement

Our website reserves the right to make changes to that agreement. The new information will take effect from the date we post it on the site. That is why we ask you to periodically visit that section of our site so as not to miss any updates. If you continue to use our site with the new information in the agreement, you automatically agree to all updates. If you do not accept the agreement's updates, you need to stop using our site. Please, study the items we provide you carefully. Try not to miss those points that are important specifically for you.


Using our gambling house, you agree to receive communications from us in electronic format. We can post email messages on the site's pages or send them to the main email address you specify during registration. We also can leave them in the reference files of your client application. You will be able to receive all communications in electronic or paper format within five working days after posting them.

If you have questions about our agreement or certain messages you need to in writing, you should direct them to our casino support team.